Chinese in Africa/Africans in China Research Network
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About the Logo

The logo for the Chinese in Africa/Africans in China was the winning submission of a competition that we held amongst our members. Our winner, Christian Straube, is a PhD candidate at Heidelberg University in Germany.

The logo is based on the Chinese character hù, a component of the Chinese word xiānghù (相互), which means reciprocal. The concept of reciprocity is linked to the core of our research network and mirrors the focus on both Chinese in Africa and Africans in China. The separated L-like shapes symbolize China and Africa and their geographic distance. The separation also expresses the need initiative before any Sino-African encounter may take place.

Two trapeziums represent the Chinese in Africa and the Africans in China. Both have the same size, advocating equality within the encounter and the necessity to study both. They have no borders as the interaction takes place directly. The legs of the trapeziums symbolize adaptability within a new cultural context as well as the importance of individual histories, values and priorities. The space in the center stands for the transcultural space of the encounter. This space represents the results of Africa-China encounters including new phenomena, ideas, challenges and opportunities.